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The Sims 3 - An Introduction

On June 2, 2009 in the United States of America, EA Games released the long-anticipated sequel to The Sims Franchise: The Sims 3. Originally, the game was slated for release in February. Due to EA's desire to maximize (1) profits, (2) exposure, (3) sims fans' distress ... they moved to a summer release. Unfortunately for me, I was going to be out of town ... I was out of town on its release date. When I returned, I was happy to discover that the kind UPS man delivered my game and Prima Guide to the office of my apartment complex - both safely stored there until I was available to pick them up. On the morning of June 6, 2009 ... I picked up both the game and the Prima Guide as the images below will attest to. Because the picture are so HUGE), for my introduction, I will use clickable thumbnails:

I purchased the Collector's Edition of the game which came with a custom content car and some other goodies.

One of the goodies was a 2 GB USB drive shaped like a plumbbob.

Isn't it beautiful?

And it came with a handy-dandy keychain clip. SHINY! :O)

While I was slightly dismayed to see that the cluttered box cover remained ...

Since it was going to hide in its original shiny green box, and the back was nice, I didn't mind too much.

The rest of the goodies included a "hints and tips" guide (very tiny - 6 pages - booklet included in the box) and some stickers. I also got a free custom content car.

The Prima Guide is 256 pages long and included a lovely poster of Sunset Valley (the main Sims 3 neighborhood). It's written by a different author than the Sims 2 Prima Guides ... but ... it's okay. I haven't really read it yet, but others have said while it has organization issues, it's quite helpful.

Installation was quick and relatively painless. :O)

Follow me and the sims that I create for their adventures in this new Sims 3 World.

Test Sim - Angelo Devlin

Angelo Devlin is the first sim I created in The Sims 3.

Here he is.

Hey, Angelo.

Are you ready to be my guinea pig?
You know it ... just ... be gentle.

Angelo Devlin's Story

Sim-self: Angelia Capetahn

Since The Sims 3 works vastly different than The Sims 2 in as far as story progression (the game gives you the option of allowing all other sims not being controlled to go about their business - aging, dying, marrying, having babies, etc.), I thought I'd start a legacy-style game with the first version of my Sims 3 Sim-self: Angelia Capetahn.

Actually ... this is version 1a. I forgot to upload her to the main Sims 3 website so I could use her as my avatar. So I was forced to make her again.

Slightly different, but still pretty much the same sim.

Howdy doody!

Interested in her story? Then click the link below:

Angelia Capetahn's Tale

The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

Well, it looks as though our favorite Simmer, Pinstar, has developed Legacy Challenge rules for The Sims 3, much to all of our delight. The original Legacy Challenge for The Sims 2 was what really pulled a lot of us into the joys of blogging our simming adventures. Anyway, to kick off my not-quite-total immersion into the world of The Sims 3, I have decided that I will give this challenge a try ... and even attempt to keep track of points (something I've never truly attempted before). *GASP* O__o In this index location, I have decided to make it a general index for any Sims 3 Legacies I start (and given my track record for TS2, it will be many). =__=; Heh!

The Ynasti Legacy